Company Overview  
Our main goal is to enhance the operation and profitability for our customers through strategic procurement efforts. We are an external procurement company that supplements purchasing needs to companies as an outside resource. We avoid legacy cost for your business by supplementing your purchasing needs without permanent or temporary staffing. You supply us the budget and specifications while maintaining complete control of your order. Our main focus is on capital projects as most companies do not have the manpower to fulfill purchasing and logistics while maintaining their day to day operations. Our target markets are but are not limited to manufacturing, industry, education, municipalities and tier 1 suppliers.  
Company History 
We are a young, driven company that wants to help our customers be more cost comparable with their competitors and increase their bottom lines. We have mastered the art of Internet based and traditional purchasing driving down the cost of every day products for our customers. We have made connections with local diverse vendors to bring added benefit to our customers without them having to look for it. We can provide you with pricing on just about any product you are looking for, all we need is your specification of what you are looking for and we will take it from there. Onsite Procurement maintains strict confidentiality agreements on any order we receive. You can trust in us to receive the most bang for your buck! You can speak to any of our agents to answer any questions you may have in regards to order processing or general questions. We look forward to working with you!

Copper equipment
Let us carry your purchasing load.

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